iTakTech is back


After a year of going offline due to some personal reasons, I've tried to setup this online store to facilitate easier shopping and also to connect with fans of my peripherals lovers all around. The store will feature most of the items that I'm selling on eBay, and also a feature of all my personal favorites that I've collected over the years to be termed Takasta's Collection.


Additionally, I will be using this site as a spot for me to release my reviews in conjunction with the reviews that I release on YouTube. This will allow you to understand the products that I'm reviewing even better as sometimes I do tend to ramble off on YouTube a bit.


Thanks everyone for the support that you've had over the years, and especially in the past 2-3 years since I've launched Takasta Electronics aka. iTakTech. Every purchase from us, directly supports our ability to fund reviews for new products and keeps Takasta fed, so I wish to personally thank all those who have purchased from us, or even just watched my videos.


Hope you guys enjoy this new site, and hopefully I'll be updating it more than I have with my YouTube, eBay, and the old iTakTech site.

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