Shipping Times


Please note that all orders are NOT shipped with a tracking number as default.   However, where your order is cheaper to ship with a tracking number to certain countries above a certain weight (for example, if your order exceeds 140g to the United States), we will automatically fulfill your order with a tracking number which can be viewed at your order screen. 

Please note the estimated shipping times below:-

Asia                        2 weeks
US, CA, UK, AU     2 - 3 weeks
Europe                   2 - 4 weeks
South America       3 - 4 weeks

Please note if you haven't received your shipment by the delivery time stated above, please contact us by email and we will respond as soon as possible. Shipping times vary from country to country and will depend on your locality in your country.  We cannot guarantee that your item will arrive within the given time above, but we will endeavor to ensure that you receive your order promptly.  

Shipping Costs

Your shipping costs are calculated by weight.  The heavier your order, the higher your shipping cost.  In particular, Master feet from Hotline Games comes in a dedicated wooden box which weighs 120+ grams.  On average, a pack of Hotline Games Competition feet weighs between 25 - 30 grams.


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