We currently do not accept returns unless the products are received dead on arrival.  Please refer to our Refund and Exchange policy below for more details.


For items which are received dead on arrival, iTakTech will cover the costs of replacement and send you a new product inclusive of shipping.

Where items break within the stipulated warranty period, buyer shall cover the costs of shipping goods back to us in Hong Kong, and iTakTech shall ship new products to you and cover shipping costs to you.


For dead on arrival items, where a return or exchange is not possible, we shall refund your item in full.  Where your product stops working within the warranty period, we shall refund the cost of your item (exclusive of shipping costs) to you.

Money would be returned to your payment method of choice if a return or refund is is accepted.

It would take around 5-7 working days for the arrangement of money return. If you do not receive the money, please contact us through email. to  

Discount products:

No product return for discount products.


Arrangement for product return︰

You have to bear the delivery fee to return the product back to our company. Any unpaid delivery fee would be deducted from the money to be returned to your account.


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